Words that are spelled, look, or sound the same but aren’t.

Here is the breakdown in the simplest of terms:

          • Homonym – Multiple meaning words, as in: Suit yourself – He wore a suit.

          • Homophone – Words that sound alike, as in:  I want to go – I like it too – One plus one is two.

          • Homograph – Same spelling, different pronunciation, different meaning, is in: Bass – Fish — Bass – instrument.

This is one of the resource websites I use when I am not 100% sure on a homonym. https://www.spellingcity.com/homophones-and-homonyms.html

Normally, the point of my writing tips is to break down what is usually explained in such technical terms that it confuses more than helps most writers, but I cannot put the explanation on this particular subject any better, and certainly would not be able to give better examples or a more comprehensive list than what vocabulary.com has.

This subject is another reason I am not a fan of editing software compared to a solid education in English and the use of the human brain. There are only a handful of other examples where software such as spell check can fail you so completely. Hell, I've been known to double-check spell check...lol

In other words, it will be a cold day in hell before I relinquish control of something like editing to something akin to Skynet for writers...just sayin'.