The Littlest Princess

You'll discover big things can come in small packages!

Wildshire had not seen war for years and years, thanks to kindly King Lawrence. When the kingdom is threatened, it's the littlest princess, Princess Tia, who comes to the rescue, despite only being one foot tall!


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Blew my mind!

By Rosie

on September 2, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

King Lawrence sees a young woman, Naya, trying to help a sick animal while in the forest. The King ensures that the animal quickly gets the medical assistance it needs, as he falls in love with Naya’s unselfish nature. The two marry, and two years later, Princess Tia is born. She grows to just 12 inches tall, and never sees her shortened stature as a hindrance or a disability, as she is happy, healthy and loved. When war is declared on the Kingdom of Wildshire, Princess Tia declares that she will lead the battle in defence of the kingdom, with a plan which will use the princess’ height to the Kingdom’s advantage.

Wow, the smile on my face just does not seem to want to leave! I have read many fables and children’s tales over the years as an Editor and Proof-Reader, but this one completely took me by surprise. Steve Soderquist’s tale of a tiny princess who becomes known as the bravest and smartest warrior in the Kingdom simply blew my mind. Initially, it was the kindness which the King showed to a woman who was helping a stray animal which warmed my heart, but seeing what an incredible daughter that he and his wife had raised – so unselfish, loving, carefree and kind, while also not feeling any inferiority regarding her tiny height – made me feel happy all over. The Little Princess is written in the form of a fable, and I feel that this inspirational story will continue to be told to young ones for many years to come. I applaud Steve Soderquist’s imagination and ingenuity behind The Little Princess, which I cannot wait to add to my own book collection here at home. I wholeheartedly recommend The Little Princess to readers, young and old, showing not only bravery in winning a battle, but also that no matter how different you are, you will always be capable of being a hero to a nation, or more.