Editing Services

For a very reasonable price I will edit your manuscript, thus assuring your work is as clean and marketable as possible.

For the potential publishing house, what you send in to the Acquisitions Editor can make or break your novel being accepted. Independent authors benefit as well from a professional edit, as often they find that this is not part of services rendered.


I have been writing for over twenty years and have five books published of my own with more on the way!

I have been a freelance editor for over ten years, working with fellow authors and assisting them to make sure they have the most polished, final manuscript possible. I look forward to working with you in getting your novel edited correctly and published!

Below is a pricing list on the services I offer to get you where you want to go in this business, which is a PUBLISHED Author.

Formatting Services

This includes blurb/back-flap teaser assistance, disclaimer, acknowledgments, dedication and bio. Formatting includes converting MS file to properly formatted size, links to chapters for e-readers, headers and page-count placement, PDF for physical copies and kindle/epub files for 'ready-to-publish' status.

Fee: $200.00

Full Editing Service

  • Line-by-line edits
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Continuity
  • Structure
  • Detailed tracking
  • Comments for edification and suggestions

This includes all above editing services (formatting not included) along with working with you on content, prose, style and assistance with embellishments to make a clearly written manuscript. Included is two pass-backs after initial editing is complete.

Fee: $2 per page (Based on industry-standard. See below for details.)

.008 cents per word.

Pricing is based off of average word-count. The page number count corresponds as follows using either Georgia or Times New Roman Font, size 12, single-spaced, page size 6 x 9 (standard physical book size):

Nothing will make you stand out more than a well-polished and professionally edited manuscript. My services are reasonably priced because I know how hard it can be to break into this market.

Purchaser agrees to pay 50% upfront for editing services. Work performed is Non-Refundable. Purchaser agrees to pay the remaining owed when the first edited draft is returned. Payment for all services are handled through PayPal only. Upfront deposit payment is required before editing services are rendered. 

Assistance in query letter writing and/or help in directing your manuscript to the right Publishing House is available for a separate fee.

To contact me concerning pricing or any other questions, click HERE

Be sure to pick up a copy of my book "Practical Tips for Every Author" that is filled with a hundred tips, hints, personal pieces of advice on everything from grammar and punctuation, formatting and distribution, to promotion, marketing and all things in between!

Practical Tips for Every Author

Thanks for reading!

Steve Soderquist


As a new writer , I have a lot to learn but without Steve, I would have been lost. He made my book more enjoyable for the reader. Besides just the grammatical issues he also helped me improve my flow. I went through 4 editors before I found Steve and all I can really say is he's the best!

L.M. Glenn, author of Shelby

Steve Soderquist is the epitome of professionalism as an editor. As a fledgling author, he has helped me through the writing process not just in composition and structure but in the necessary steps to turn a manuscript into a novel. He has always made himself available for discussions throughout the process with a complete ‘hands on’ approach every step of the way. I highly recommend him and would gladly work with him again on my next project.

John B. Errico, author of  Dad, Wanna Be Our Manager? 

I watched Steve's postings for a few months. Okay, I stalked him...looking for errors in his spelling or grammar, etc. I found none! I liked his humor and he seemed to know his business with the tips he would post. I took a chance with Steve and OH BOY am I so glad I did. He was AMAZING! Not only were his editing skills top notch, but he went above and beyond by providing valuable advice on what steps I needed to take to finalize the publishing of TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEART. I have received compliments from more than one reader on the excellent editing for this book. Take a look at the book reviews on Amazon and you will see those reader's statements. I will not ever use another editor for my future books and you shouldn't either. 

Diana Rose Duffy, author of Take A Piece Of My Heart

I want to say that I appreciate the work that you did on my manuscript. I appreciate the thoroughness and the time it took you to complete the editing of my work.  Your focus was making sure you did a great job and that is what you did.  Thank you so much!!!!

Denise Hill, author of Double Crossed

Steve is open and honest in regards to editing, but more so, he is very accommodating to the author working within their style and story which is an important quality with an editing service.

Jennifer Ott, author of Time of Useful Consciousness

I'm taking a little of my time to say that I loved what Steve did to my novel! I have to say that I'm new at writing, and that it wasn't even in my nature to write, but what do you know I wrote a first novel with 96k and have novel #2 cooking as I write this note! If you're looking for a good editor, and a good teacher as well, Steve is the one! I love the work he did on my novel Uprising Memories, and hope he like reading it as well! xxxx Thanks again Steve!!

I.R. Leroux, author of Uprising Memories

After trying multiple editors, I finally found Steve who is efficient, thorough and timely with very reasonable rates. The Redemption is the second book he has edited and formatted for me and I am extremely happy with his work and professionalism. Finding an editor who enhances your work is a major step in the whole book-writing process and I’m glad I Was recommended to Steve Soderquist by a friend a few years back.

David Boiani, author of Dark Musings