There is much that can be said about the over-the-top world of professional wrestling, with most people either loving it or scoffing at it as television and marketing fluff. However, there is nothing fake about their young fan base.

Ever since pro-wrestling has been around, there have been kids (of all ages!) who have rooted for their favorites, booed the bad guys and knew more about the who’s who in the industry than a Hollywood gossip columnist. It is also well-known that these men who prowl and stalk in the ring, often jumping insane heights to crush their opponents or challenge each other in a steel cage match are really gentle giants with huge hearts to match.

What you may not know is no wrestler has ever refused a child from the make-a-wish foundation when he or she wanted to meet their hero. John Cena has granted over 500 wishes alone!

This heart-warming story is about a child who was known as ‘Connor the Crusher’, and his love for everyone in the WWE and all of their affiliates, and was one of his driving forces to face each day as he battled his cancer. A special wish to spend time with Daniel Bryan was granted, and his day was full of superstars and even a special wrestling match where he got to pin Triple H!

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