Little Girl Gives Her Dinner Away

When a father took his little girl out for dinner, something wonderful and unexpected happened.
She saw him when they went into the restaurant; the man sitting on the bench with his bag of stuff. Little did she know that his entire world was packed in that stuffed duffel bag. It's all he has left after a lifetime of ups and downs, triumphs and defeats. As he sits and waits for whatever may be next, he is surprised when this little girl comes out of the restaurant and hands him a plate of food.  "You look hungry. Here you go." It was her dinner.

As we grow up, we get used to seeing those who are less fortunate than us to the point we no longer see them at all. A child, in their wonderful innocence and purity of heart, can at times show us what we forget to look for.

I hope this story inspires you and makes you smile... and think.


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