Steve Soderquist

Baby girl adopted by the firefighter who helped deliver her

When Marc Hadden when on a run for his fire department to assist a woman in distress, little did he know then the baby he helped deliver in the ambulance would in two days be the one he and his wife would adopt. 

This was just how it happened, as he learned the little girl's mom felt unable to take care of her. Being responsible and loving, she gave the baby up for adoption and two days later, Marc was once again there for her, this time with his wife and two sons.

At the hospital later on the day of Grace's birth, November 14, 2011, Hadden learned the woman, who he believes was homeless, was putting the infant up for adoption. He and his wife, Beth, who had been praying for a third child, jumped at the opportunity.

Two days later, they took her home, and in March of 2012 they got full custody of Grace. Today, she is simply part of the family.

Hadden and Beth named her Rebecca Grace Hadden after they adopted her; she goes by her middle name. Five years later, she is with a family that loves her, (even her two big brothers!) and she couldn't be happier. Read her full story here!