My Bio

Steve Soderquist was quite a successful musician twenty-odd years ago and spent many years on the road, playing with numerous bands for years. He settled for a more 'normal life', but the writing bug kept biting at him. Starting a book called, 'Minds Eye' when he was seventeen, the concept stuck...and it never left him.

Quote, "Even though the writing muscle had certainly atrophied, I was getting that tickle like you get in the back of your throat when a cold is coming on. When I wrote the short novella 'One for the Road', I knew I had to keep going. There was so much there I wanted to push out and put on paper. I have always been a huge fan of so many authors; Everything from Stephen King to V.C. Andrews to Jules Verne, Anthony Burgess, Dean Koontz, John Grisham, J.R.R. Tolkien, James many. I have never stuck with one genre, and I honestly believe that enriched me as an author myself."

'One for the Road' motivated him to propel. When 'Farm House' was complete and those blessed two words were put down, 'THE END' he knew he found his calling...or at the very least, felt called back.

Now settled down as a full-time published author and freelance editor, Steve has authored four novels, one with co-writer Laura Ranger, 'Rogue', one novella and a children's short story. Catch him most of the time and you will find him at the keyboard hard at work on the ever-present next title. 

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